ChariotGames proudly presents Will, a short visual novel exploring the themes of loss, helplessness and death.

This game was originally created for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 130 (theme: 'Dying is Awarded').

- Disclaimers -

 The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictional. No identification with actual persons is intended or should be inferred.

The topics touched in this game are very sensitive. We hope that, given the very limited time available to us, we managed to portray (even slightly) the terribile experience of long term hospitalization and euthanasia.

Our main goal writing this story was to arouse thoughts and reasoning on the matter, not to decide what is right or wrong.

(The game was tested only on 16:9 resolution (1920*1080), other resolutions might not show the ui correctly.) 

 - Credits -

Claudio Vacca: programming.

Luca Pregno: programming.

Riccardo Mendola: writing, 3d modeling, 2d art.

Simone Turello: programming , 3d modeling.

Stefano Bertolino:  music, sound effects.


Download 49 MB


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it is sad


A very beautiful and sad experience.  So deep...



Very heartfelt. Great concept, nicely put together!

Thanks for the kind words! 


Deep and cool concept! I liked the way the interactions were presented.


Me with total body paralysis :  ...

Also me with total body paralysis : mom please turn back i'm typing my password on the computer



So maybe it was all a dream, and your actions don't mean anything :D

drammatic story but good

Oh, i'm so sorry, this is not the complete story, you played a bugged version. If you want to play the whole story download the current version. Thank for the comment!


ok no game have deep story ..respect you